Corn Bags by Jackie

Corn Bag Heating Pads and Cold Packs

What are corn bags?

Corn bags are a safe, simple alternative to electric heating pads and traditional ice packs-- just microwave for a heating pad or freeze for a cold pack. They softly conform to the shape of your body (unlike cumbersome plastic heating pads and stiff ice packs) and will last for years!

Use them to soothe aches and pains, warm cold feet in bed, calm headaches, heat chilly pets, keep picnic dishes warm, and entertain children at parties with "hot potato bean bag toss"!

Corn bags are a pleasing rectangular shape, measuring about 8"x10" flat. Each bag comes with a washable cover, available in dozens of colors and patterns!

Corn bags are hand-made (by Jackie) in Northeastern Ohio in a pet- and smoke-free environment!


Over other heating pads:

  • No risk of fire
  • Safe to use while you sleep
  • Not only safe to use, but best used under blankets
  • Lay directly on top of them
  • No more being tied to an electrical outlet
  • Retain heat and moisture better than rice and other small grains
  • Typically stay warm for about an hour, but in your bed they can retain heat for several!
  • Just the right size for tight lower backs and stomach aches

Over other cold packs:

  • Won't get your clothes or bedding wet
  • No crunchy plastic
  • Don't get as cold as ice, so you can use them longer
  • Not painfully skin-numbing
  • Perfect for nursing sprains and migraines
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Naked corn bags

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Corn bags in covers

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Pink Zebra (43) fleece and flannel Scotties (65), wrapped in optional gift ribbon.
Fleece or Flannel?

Fleece is plush and fuzzy. It diffuses the temperature and insulates the corn bag, keeping it warmer (or cooler) for longer than flannel. Fleece is 100% polyester.

Flannel is thin and smooth. It makes the temperature feel more intense, making it a better choice for use as a cold pack or if you want one really hot. Flannel is 100% cotton.

A popular option is to have one of each type, to find what best suites your needs. Some people store one corn bag in the freezer and keep another out for heating.

Won't the corn pop?

Nope! Corn bags are made from field corn-- the same dried kernels you might feed wildlife. This type of corn is different from popping corn. Popping corn kernels don't "crack" naturally, which allows the moisture inside to heat up and explode. It's normal to hear a few soft pops in the microwave the first few times you use a corn bag.

Is the corn safe?

Yes! All corn bags are microwaved three times while I'm making them. This takes out excess moisture and kills any organisms, including spores.

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